In with the in crowd
April 25, 2017
Westminster Goes Underground.
April 30, 2014

The act of dancing , how it can bring out the expression in human form, the comfort in group participation can become a thing of beauty even at the cost of ones own sanity.

Zombie dance £2500 Acrylic
This is one of the most successful of my group figure paintings. I feel it captures the fleeting movements and passing instant.

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You can buy the artwork through contacting me on Facebook, PayPal and my personal phone number.

Which is 078312321628. Works will be post and packaged safely with registered post, first class delivery once the payment has cleared and you will be the proud owner of a one off unique and original artwork..


I specialise in commissioned bespoke artworks tailored to your individual needs and vision.

Weather it be a portrait of yourself or someone you love or admire, an iconic or personal view or subject matter, for example, town or city views , seascape or a nude as a possible subject matter. I prefer to work from life with several sittings if it is a portrait request, but also can work from good quality photographs, either taken by myself or by art buyer or collector. There will be a fee charged for travel and accommodation expenses . I can work in most media, and specialise in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil. .

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